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Tema para phpfox-theme-foxplus-1.8 Versão 1.8

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This is the installation guide for the FoxPlus Theme.
Well some people failed to install the theme in version 1.2'm vesrsão them an easier to install just simply follow the steps and everything had gone well.
notte stats sites that have to be done manually careful not to err code not required put statis site and add more items is for the adim.
how to put more stats
go to your dashboard site
(CMS) __ (Manage Block s) ____ (core.index-member) ____
Block 1 ativa___ core: stat
tools will return in __ (add New stat)
Product = core
Module = example music
Title = name music or video of your choice remember to follow the pattern all the same name that you put
Link = here the letters are all lowercase or music video
image = name of the icon inside the folder stat = music or video lowercase also
By the end code
$ this-> database ()
-> select ('COUNT (*)')
-> from (:: phpFox gett ('music can change making the same music or video sequences so on remembering here also lower case letter'))
-> where ('view_id = 0')
-> execute ('getSlaveField');
remained well
Product = Music
Module = music
Music title =
Link = music
image = musica.png
$ this-> database ()
-> select ('COUNT (*)')
-> from (:: phpFox gett ('music'))
-> where ('view_id = 0')
-> execute ('getSlaveField');
another example
add new stat
Product = Video
Module = video
Title = Video
Link= video
image = video.png
$ this-> database ()
-> select ('COUNT (*)')
-> from (:: phpFox gett ('video'))
-> where ('view_id = 0')
-> execute ('getSlaveField');


What's New in Version Versão 1.8


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